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  1. Step: First of all, create an account by visiting the following link:
  2. Step: Installing the 3.3.5a client, but if you already have yours installed then just completly skip this step!:
    1. Get the downloader client here:
    2. Get the client here:
    • Note: This version of Game client is pre-installed, so you are not required to install it yourself!
  3. Step: To play on our server you ARE REQUIRED to have the latest patch that was created for more comfortable view of environment, visit the following link to download it:
    1. How to install the patch:
      • Copy the archived file named "ScornCraft" to the 'World of Warcraft' folder - example path: "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft"
      • Extract the contents of the archive (its name is "ScornCraft", remember?) to the folder where you copied it by software called WinRAR or WinZip by right-clicking the file using your mouse and pressing "extract here" or "unarchive here" and when it asks you if you wish to replace all the current files in the folder press "replace all", you can download it here:
      • Windows Version of WinRAR:
      • Mac Version of WinZip:
  4. Step: Changing your realmlist, to change your realmlist go to your "" file and open it up with "notepad" or any text editor you've got! Select and delete everything that you see inside your realmlist file and change it to this:

set realmlist

  • Note: This is an example location/path to where you can find your realmlist file: "C:\Program Files\World Of Warcraft\Data\enUS".