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Player Rules

  1. Advertising other website(s), server(s) and service(s) in-game, website, forums or on anything that's a part property of the ScornCraft Network.
    • Results in a permanent ban, if the player or user persists his entire country access will be banned for X period no matter what.
  2. Spam and raging in public place(s), corner(s) of ScornCraft Network are classified as a one of a kind harassment.
    • Results in 2 hour(s) mute from the staff side or by an unanimous vote of the community + staff member approvement.
    • Extends by 2 more hour(s) if player recently got unmuted.
    • Extends by a 48 hour(s) account(s) and IP ban if player attempts to avoid muting by creating a new character and/or account.
  3. Any type of exploiting and hacking.
    • If its about the items, the staff member is allowed to remove it by hand.
    • PVP Content (Arena, BG and similar), Maps, Crashy and any other Content left unreported and intentionally abused - 30 day(s) account ban and removal pending state.
    • Speedhacks, flyhacks and similar 3rd party tools result in 5 day(s) ban or a week ban.
  4. Every player has the rights of free speech, movement and sharing their own opinion.
    • Unless it gets to the point where its breaking the servers rules, terms or policy.
  5. Player is not allowed to "bother" about open GM positions, beg for items and similar. (Defining bother as giving us a pretty much sigh about it)
    • Mute or kick, defined by the staff member himself. Apply further punishments as on the list if player persists on breaking this rule or leads to breaking another one.

Staff Rules

  1. You're obligated to follow the codex.
    • You may only have a 1 character on your account which you use for serving your duty - if you wish to change name, delete char and so on talk to your supervisor.
    • You may not wear donor, vote or any kind of player gear unless you're just testing it - remove it afterwards, discludes Population Masters (They may wear Donor Items while on this rank).
    • You are strictly forbidden to give out items to your own characters or to anyone else.
    • In public and private when serving your duty you're obligated to act friendly to all players (equally and fair).
    • Between the staff members just like players, even if you don't like the member you must pay respect. - Report the corruption without attacking them, we'll investigate.
      Results in 3 day(s) of suspension.
  2. Harassing a player, staff member or a group of people as a meaning of punishing and insulting-(never) them without a valid proof and/or a reason.
    Results in a week of suspension.
  3. Disobeying your supervisor (higher rank staff member) in a moral obligation.
    Results in 2 day(s) of suspension.
  4. Firing or suspending a staff member without a valid reason.
    • List of valid reasons: Bad grammar, too low amount of activity, rule breaking actions, disobeying and disrespecting.
      Results in a X suspension.
  5. Giving your player toon items, boosting and so on.
    • Giving out free items, boosts, points and so on.
      Results in a X suspension
  6. Hiring a new staff member that was fired or suspended for a very valid reason.
    • May only be re-hired by the Owner.
  7. Suspensions.
    • Suspension may be extended for maximum 4 times per member else the member MUST be fired.
    • Maximum number of total suspensions may be 3 (extensions don't count), the member MUST be fired.
  • Any sort of abusing the powers won't be left unpunished.
  • (X - defined by the highest rank member on the server - Owner, Head Admin, Admin)

Ranking System

  1. The ranking on ScornCraft is rated by a "hierarchy terminology".
    One above the other, the one that's above you has to make sure everything is running in the order of the rules.
    Each realm has their own independent staff members, they can't and will not be able to work on multiple realms or help with deciding anything that's related to the other realm(s), ever.
  2. List of Ranks:
    • Owner, Level 12 - Controls the entire server, develops content, observes the staff members. Caution: This member tracks and explores your behavior entirely.
    • Head Administrator, Level 11 - Obligated to read command logs, spending a lot of time observing the staff members, hiring the staff members and if caught not doing so or ignoring or abusing another member/player gets him fired. (rules wise)
    • Head Developer, Level 10 - Helps by organizing tests, develops the content, attempts to find more suitable solution, listens, forms and designs the shared or own ideas.
    • Administrator, Level 9 - Administrates/supervises the lower ranked staff members (may fire and suspend them), organizes duties assignments, helps organizing community to help and otherwise, may also read the command logs.
    • Developer, Level 8 - Helps by running official and unofficial tests with the members and players, invents and commits future innovating content and resolves currently known issues.
    • Head Game Master, Level 7 - Supervises the lower ranked staff members (may suspend them and suggest to get them fired), also allowed to read the command logs.
    • Game Master, Level 6 (Senior), Level 5 (Junior) - Helps the population with all sorts of problems.
    • Population Master, Level 4 - Brings the new players, gives them a tour and additional help with leveling, questing or so (helps around) and by that advances to a GM. + Allowed to wear Donor Gear to help out guiding other players.
    • Trial Game Master, Level 3 - Competing for the GM Spot, helps people with what ever is in his power.