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Note 1: To play on our realm, you are required to have the patch "Patch-A" and a customized client executable
Note 2: If you play on or come from another server aside of ScornCraft, then please remove the other servers patches. Our patch is the only one that should remain in the Data directory if you want the game to work properly (also delete the cache folder after doing so).
Note 3: If you need a World Of Warcraft 3.3.5a pre-installed client to play you can get it by clicking here.

Frostmane 255 PVE Realm Patches

  1. To play on this realm you'll need the FM Realm archived patch.
  2. After you've downloaded it you need winrar, winzip or similar software to extract it.
  3. After extraction of the archived (".rar" extension) file is done open up "readme.txt" with some text editor like Notepad to see how to install it.